We are SWEET on many things!


Music is the SUGAR that enriches our lives. We recognize, promote and love diversity in music. On Sound Sugar Radio, you hear almost anything grace our rotation! From independent to international filled with all the styles inbetween, it's here to hear!


Local engagement and interaction is also like CANDY to us! We have contributed to the community as owners/operators of business, as members of local music societies, as advocates for children and adult music programs, as outdoor concert organizers, as performers and as on-air personalities. In turn, you, our neighbours near and far, our family, our friends, and our listeners have given us an amazing place to call home!

We endeavour to entertain and add excitement to your every day, and our programming always takes your interests to "cinnamon" heart! Our gift of thanks is Sound Sugar Radio!

Thank you for listening!

Now happily playing on the MyTuner Radio, Simple Radio, My Radio Canada and Radio Box apps!