Jack of all arts, master of none, at least in his head. A Novelist, playwright, poet, game writer, children book writer, lyricist, singer and hopefully many more titles. Mike embraces the arts in every form they may take.

Getting his start, in professional writing back in 2013, with his first play Insane Sanity, he proceeded to publish his first Novel, in an 8 book series, Shadowsite Chronicles: Awakenings in 2014. He went on to publish the second book in the series, Tides of Change, in 2018. 2019 he shifted focus again, publishing his first illustrated children's book, Duffy the Duffel Bag", and followed it up with book 2, Duffy's First Flight, in 2020. 


He also co-facilitates a writing workshop for the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County, on the Last Saturday of every month. Basically, if there is writing involved, he probably does it.


Chu The Producer is a prolific producer, songwriter and hip-hop storyteller. He is known for his infectious hooks and engaging lyrics. As an artist, Chu’s style is best described as melodic and relaxed with a hint of yesteryear. As a producer, he is a chameleon of sorts – manoeuvring in and out of genres seamlessly.


When he’s not producing, writing or performing, Chu can be found honing his skills as a DJ and loves to share his love of music whenever possible. He was an active participant in the Edmonton hip-hop scene in the early 90s during its infancy stage. 


His self-produced album titled “The Open Book Experience” under the alias "The Original Chu". With decades of life experience under his belt, he poured his heart and soul, fears, anxieties and insecurities into this diary-style LP. The debut single ‘Crystal Ball’ won the People’s Choice Award in 2017 at the Edmonton Music Awards. He has since rebranded to Chu The Producer and in 2020 alone, he completed 49 songs and collaborated with 36 different artists, songwriters, producers and engineers.


Hello, hello, hello! I'm Beckett, and at 10 years old, I am Canada's Youngest Solo Radio Host.


I'm also an actor, model, hockey goalie and huge movie fan. Join me Sundays at 930am as we talk about all things acting, movies and hockey related. We have guest interviews, some of my favorite songs and to top it all off, the best (or worst) Dad jokes that I can find! Don't forget your breakfast!


Kelsey has a passion for supporting local talent, Arts & Culture, and education. As a business assistant, she is a Jill-of-all-trades with experience in many different industries, working multiple-projects at a time. Not quite fitting into the 9-5, full-time grind, Kelsey adapted her schedule to suit her dream lifestyle… fitness, creativity, and variance.

Going through a fitness journey, losing over 150 pounds, she has now become a certified personal trainer, meditation instructor, holistic health coach, and overall healthy lifestyle advocate with her private practice, under the name of Believe Again Fitness. When she is not in the office or a studio… you will find her jogging, hiking, biking, lifting heavy things, and aspiring to be a Ninja Warrior.

According to Kelsey, life isn’t fully complete without the Arts. She is a co-facilitator of a Creative Writing Workshop, President of the Alberta Authors Cooperative, a published author in 2 short story anthologies, and is working on completing her first full-length novel, attention span allowing. Kelsey is also a long-time karaoke host, conference emcee, ceremony singer, aspiring songwriter, music supporter, and involved with as many artistically expressive projects as possible. Learn more about her current projects at


Jay Bardyla is a 30 year veteran of the comics industry, including 20 years as the owner of the award-winning Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Ab. He is also an avid audiofile, making this show, 4 Colour Radio, a natural happenstance.

Aside from collecting comics, toys, and vinyl, he enjoys using words like happenstance, and other words of its ilk, in everyday conversation to confuse people. He's a champion of literacy, a patron of the arts, a shooter of hoops, and an imbiber of scotch. Most of those things will likely come up in conversation during the shows.


He's hoping to showcase some cool music, cool comics, and cool people as he brings in guests to talk about what makes all of that stuff - cool! He hopes you tune in to check it out.

Visit his website for other comicy type stuff -

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Vanessa Diehl is a busy stay at home, homeschool mom with a strong entrepreneur spirit! In her early 20s, Vanessa launched her first business and has never looked back.


From brick and mortar startups to home based business Vanessa has dipped her toes in the exciting world of business. She has been bitten by the entrepreneur bug and loves the journey. But what is it really like to own a business? Is it always as easy and as glamorous as it seems? Do you have a dream? How do you turn it into your next adventure?

Join Vanessa as she chats all things business through interviews with business owners who share their struggles, wins and tips to inspire other entrepreneur dreamers.