Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Rahat has always had a passion for music especially from Hindi cinema, often known as Bollywood. From a very young age, she used whatever tools and technology at her disposal to learn about the songs, dances, lyrics and even made her own mixed tapes, many of which she still holds on to. This may reveal what era she was born in but that will not stop her from still pursuing her passion for music. 

Rahat immigrated to Canada in 2002 and made Sherwood Park her home. She is a proud Ismaili Muslim and joined the community band Jazbaa in 2017. Being part of the music scene again after almost 25 years made her realise how much she missed it. Singing for the band in Hindi, Gujarati, Swahili, and even some Punjabi there was always something new to learn. She would like to now share the different genres and diversity of music from India, including Hindi Movie hits (Bollywood), Ghazals and Punjabi with Bolly Beats.


Rahat is married with three beautiful children, who refer to her as Mama Bear, with love ofcourse. Her contagious and bubbly laugh is one of her trademarks and hopes to bring smiles and laughter into your homes too through Bolly Beats with her chats and selected melodies.


An artist/producer/dj in the music scene. Spencer Cummings who goes by the stage name “SPEN” has been producing beats, djing, and networking in the industry as a passion and hopes to pursue his greater dream of going to Atlanta and producing for major hip hop artists. Spen also hopes to build up his producer brand.


Spen is a huge fan of EDM music and has been gradually getting better at producing the genre. As of December 2020, Spencer acquired a TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 that he uses for mixing Electronic Dance Music. He hopes that you guys enjoy his EDM show for SoundSugarRadio.


Spencer Cummings was born on June 8th 1999 to Leanne and Dean Cummings, the owners of Crescendo Music Studios. Spencer watched his parents build up their business to where it is today and he has learned a lot about music through their guidance. Briefly learning guitar and piano, he took those skills to learn to be a better producer and DJ later on down the road.


The EDM show Spen is running will feature fresh up coming EDM artists. All songs are handpicked from popular Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure. This is a great show and he hopes you enjoy. Thank you!



Martin considers himself a storyteller and that journey began at a very young age. He was about four or so. He would learn short poems and recite them to anyone who would listen. This natural ability to capture the attention of an audience through his art evolved into a life on the stage, screen, print and radio - primarily as an actor and a singer in musicals and operas, but also as a stage director, choreographer, producer, author and radio host. Martin’s radio roots go back to the late nineties when he co-produced, then later in his senior year produced the high school radio. He then hopped on a plane in March of 2000 and immigrated to Canada. Broadway is his passion. He dedicated the past 2 decades to learning about and practicing the art form itself and brings a tremendous amount of passion to On Broadway, which he is super excited to co-host with the amazing Rebecca Bissonnette. He currently resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta with his amazing wife Stephanie, daughter Cassidy and three retired greyhounds Wacky, Slider and Cash. Visit to learn more about Martin.


Hello! My name is Sarah Scott and I'm very excited to be a part of Sound Sugar Radio with Studio B and One to Watch Wednesday! Connecting audiences with great new music and exciting content is my favourite thing to do.


I've been nominated for "Industry Person of the Year" (in 2018, 2019, 2020) with Country Music Alberta, "Country Music Personality" (2020) with the Country Music Alberta Association and "Industry Person of the Year" for the 2019 YYC Music Awards.


Being a part of the music community in Canada is inspiring. The artist's passion, hard work, dedication and songs inspired Studio B. Studio B episodes are in-depth and honest conversations about the music industry with award winning and nominated industry professionals. We're here to provide clarity, advice, valuable information and knowledge to help support indie artists and their musical careers. If you've ever been curious as to what goes on "back stage," and what happens between the songs, it's a super cool insight into the behind the scenes action of the music industry. One to Watch Wednesday is a showcase feature. Join in to find your new favourite band or artist as we hang out with new Canadian rising stars and hear their songs!


You can find Studio B and One to Watch Wednesday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


Rebecca has always been dramatic, borderline obnoxious, passionate, loving, stubborn, hilarious and vulnerable - now she's just owning it all.


A lover of all things art, she both attends as well as performs in anything she can get her hands on that allows her to become immersed in a story. A triple threat around Edmonton, Rebecca has her own production company DEPTH Perception Productions, is part of a dance company No Big Deal, sings with Not My Circus Singers, is a reporter with Arts Talk, an arts educator with Sage Dahlia Collective and of course a host with Sound Sugar Radio.


Rebecca is always looking for ways to use her voice and hosting shows on Sound Sugar Radio is an unique way to get to address issues that we all deal with, while being honest, sharing her experiences and letting people know they aren't alone.


If there's a controversy, a wrong to be righted, or a confrontation to be had, Rebecca will usually be smack dab in the middle of it.....with a grin.


Shawn was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta. His adventurous spirit always compelled him outdoors, from child to adult. He loves the smell of 2 stroke engine oil and has always been fascinated by the way things work.  Ever since he was a kid, he was interested in taking things apart and putting them back together again.

His love for computers propelled him into a professional career of computer support however it was his love of people that kept him on the customer service side of computing.

Shawn is a loyal and dedicated husband (Amory) and father to his fur daughter (Ethel-May). Shawn spends much of his time at his acreage quadding and skiidooing. He loves machines, driving, playing cards, board games and people in general.

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Dan Moser was born horribly disfigured/deranged on Christmas Day. Shortly afterwards, his parents made the wise choice to set him adrift in the drainage ditch of a zoo. Luckily, he washed up in the Arctic bird exhibit. Not much else is known of his early life. Dan later reemerged to take his revenge on the city. After a run for mayor was thwarted by a video tape which revealed Dan claiming to have "played this stinking city like a harp from hell", he attempted to escape the wrath of the populace in his rubber-duck boat. Dan failed to escape and ultimately passed away after being pushed into a pool of poisoned water through a large window in his lair by a swarm of bats released by The Batman.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: It has come to our attention that this is not the biography of Dan Moser. Instead, it is the biography of The Penguin from the 1992 film, Batman Returns. We are terribly sorry for the mix-up. Dan's real bio is printed below.)


Dan Moser is an adult male.





Jordan Ward was born in 1985 on the coldest day of the year after a twenty minute labor. From humble beginnings he began his journey by playing on a junk pile and entertaining himself with his imagination. Jordan was raised to respect nature, to harness its power, and has survived many harrowing encounters including a bear attack.  He continues to perform comedy and he is not secretly a highly skilled crime fighter with a heart of gold. He likes to eat steak and enjoys cooking food.



Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @GoodImprov Website: