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Darryl is co-owner of Origin Road, a music store and high-end, multi-room studio specially designed and equipped for recording, rehearsals and events of all kinds. Darryl loves a creative challenge and he hasn’t found a project that he can’t make more complicated; but with his background in IT, his ability to make anything out of wood, his artistic talents and his analytical mind, the result is always impressive. Darryl has also played guitar and piano in bands with friends and is thrilled to be able to spend his days surrounded with music.

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As a teenager in Toronto, Christine was sure she was on track to becoming a bass playing rock star, but she took a practical detour to go to university in Vancouver where she earned a B.Sc in Kinesiology. While there she also played in several bands and went to lots of concerts. Music took a back seat while she worked as a personal fitness trainer and then became a stay-at-home mom to Christopher and Mikaela, who have become wonderful, talented and interesting young adults whom she adores. Although she didn't become a rock star, Christine is finally realizing her dream of being involved in the music industry as co-owner of Origin Road, a music store and high-end, multi-room studio specially designed and equipped for recording, rehearsals and events of all kinds.

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Cheryl works at the BriarPatch Family Centre as the  Executive Director, Counsellor and Educator for the Grief Support Programs. At some point, all their kids have volunteered their time at the Centre, starting as early as 2.5 years old! To balance her community work, Cheryl loves to rescue old dollhouses and fix them up in her home studio, explore various mixed media art expressions, write daily (a book is in the works), act when the opportunities come up, and makes grand attempts to grow green things in her picket fenced veggie patch that Bill built.

Bill on a daily basis works in the audiovisual field. Outside of work, he is an Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Film Maker and now Radio show host. He loves living in the country in the home he and Cheryl built a few years ago. Learning how to landscape from scratch is a new experience but one he has embraced with lots of energy, and a few crazy ideas. His new initiative is to figure out how to keep the Winter hockey rink up all year round as Cheryl makes him take it down in the Spring!



Cut me open and I'll bleed blue and orange (Go OILERS!!), treble clefs and arias, tomato sauce, and coffee grounds (MUSIC, PIZZA and COFFEE are life!)

I am a native EDMONTONIAN (Southside is the best side!) I can be a super fungi ( of the Gods!) I'm not a really fashionable guy. But when I am, it's “Fast Fashion” (DEPECHE MODE is my FAVE band!!!)


I graduated from a RADIO and television arts program in the city. As well as being a part of this AMAZING group, I am also a PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTOR, ACTOR, and SINGER!

I have three UBER-FANTASTIC kids! (apparently, I have to up my “Dad joke” game) I've loved music for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I remember having recurring dreams that I was a member of New Kids on the Block.


I am Paul...knower of much, expert on nothing!

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